hat is Belly Shots?
  We created a unique photographic studio, complete with salon pampering, exclusively for pregnant women. Our goal is to indulge the mother-to-be with a relaxing salon experience that allows her to feel absolutely beautiful, and then capture that radiance on film.
hy should I do this?
  This is a very precious time in your life, filled with intimate and exhausting changes, and we feel you deserve to be pampered. And as with all momentous occasions in your life, it should be documented with pictures so you can share it with your loved ones and your child-to-be.
ow does a Belly Shots photo/salon session work?
  Your Belly Shots photo/salon session starts with a personal consultation with one of our professional artists to discuss your options and customize your package. Together, we will determine the best wardrobe, photographic styles and location that best suit your personality and also decide just how you want to be pampered with our salon treatments. We then schedule and shoot.
an I give this as a gift?
  Yes, Gift Certificates are available. A great way to pamper and show your love to a mother-to-be is the gift of a Belly Shots photo/salon session. It makes an incredibly unique and special baby-shower gift too.
ow does your pricing work?
  Starting at just $490, we have a variety of expandable packages to choose from. Build your own unique package, or customize one of ours to fit your personal style. Call now for current discounts and promotions.
an I come up with my own ideas for a photo?
  Yes. Everybody has a different opinion of what is beautiful, and our specialty is bringing your beauty to life. We recommend you go through magazines and bring us samples of concepts you like. This helps us design your perfect package. Of course, you may always look though our samples to help choose a fitting look.
an I be photographed in my home?
  In addition to our private studio, Belly Shots also offers location photography. We can either come to the privacy of your own home or, for a different spontaneous and natural look, we can even set up outdoors, wherever you feel inspired. We also have 5-star hotel packages, where your photo/salon session begins at a luxurious day spa and ends with an evening in a suite overlooking the ocean. Anywhere you want to relax and create your ideal image, Belly Shots will accommodate.
hat kind of Salon options do you offer?
  Belly Shots offers make-up and hair styling, prenatal and other specialty massage, manicure, pedicure, wardrobe stylizing and even artistic body painting. Other salon/spa options available on request.
hat kind of Photographic options do you offer?
  Belly Shots offers black and white, color, custom-color and digitally-enhanced photo sessions in all styles of contemporary photography. Our finishing services include standard and custom canvas or watercolor prints. We can hand-paint or tint your black and whites. Or create a custom greeting card/announcement for the soon-to-happen birth. We also offer hand-made books for your baby's first year, and custom framing.
hat if I want my photos retouched?
  Belly Shots has state-of-the-art digital facilities for quality retouching and photo-illustration. A wonderful service for simply removing stretch marks or body blemishes, to something as complicated as making a studio photograph appear to have been taken on location. We also offer type overlays to help your images tell a story.
hat types of payments do you accept?
  We gladly accept most major credit cards and personal checks.
o you have another question?
  If you haven't found the answer to your question on our site, please feel free to call (310) 305-4600, or e-mail Belly Shots and we will be happy to assist you.